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Video Production

Steven Ireland is widely known for his ability to find and license unusual videos, including caught on tape, bloopers, strange people and places and just about anything else you need.  You won't find a better source for the video you need in your show.


Steven Ireland has been writing for film and television since 1991 with credits from all of the major networks and numerous cable outlets.  We can provide full scripting services, re-writes and polishes, pitches and any other writing needs you may have.


Steven Ireland has produced hundreds of hours of television programming including Real TV, Guinness World Records for FOX, Most Outrageous TV Moments for NBC, Wild Weddings and Sports Disasters for TLC and the Pamela Anderson Roast for Comedy Central.  Let us help you produce your next show!


Steven Ireland has directed many segments for television including reality shows, on-the-run segments and field shoots.  Call us for a copy of the most current reel.


Steven Ireland has shot video segments and interviews for numerous programs on TV including Real TV, Wild Weddings, Repo the Rich and many others.  We can provide a wide variety of field and studio productions services.  Call us for a quote.

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